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Nima Sadjadi:

Nima Sadjadi was born in Tehran/Iran. He is writer of several articles about the comparision of Iranian myths with Norse and Celtic Myths, the influence of Ancient Persian Philosophy and religions on Iranian Islam, and morphology and etymology of some Persian words. On May 2001 he created Farvardyn© site about 'Everything you need to know about Ancient Persia'. He is fluent in French, English, German and Russian and knows Pahlavi, Avestan and Old Persian languages.


1. Etymology of 'Jamaspa'. (Tchissta, Oct. 1999)
2. A New research about mythological kings of Iran. (Tchissta, Nov. & Dec. 1999)
3. Triad in ancient Persia. (Tchissta, May & Jun. 2000)
4. Simorgh and Tuba. (Tchissta, May & Jun. 2000)
5. History of mithraic researches. (Tchissta, July. 2001)
6. Baktash. (Tchissta, Jan. 2003)

Old languages font design:

1) Persian Inscription (Parsik or Gashte Dabire)

Parsik or Gashte Dabire

2) Parthian Inscription (Pahlavik)

Pahlavik or Parthian

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I will be glad to know your concern about my fonts.


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Arash Fazeli


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