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Awards we won

However, most of awards are just a game for jobless people who wish to waste their time on the net but there are still a few awards which are running by experts and and very prestigious to win.
We are granted with the following prestigious awards! It would be worthy if you take a time to visit their sites. These are informative resources about Mythology, Archaeology, Art and education.
We don't care about their AS! or UWSAG ratings and WTA listings since they are no longer well-managed and became fake. All of these awards are prestigious and this is why some envious and unpleasant people like Paul Gallagher wrote to us: '*iss of your award theft', but they are won by hard wokring on our site and are not stolen. These are not give-away and fake awards like Casey's Celtic Charm, Absolute, Sunset Surfers and GNAE.
BTDesign Best Site Award
Program closed!
Congratulations Nima,
It gives us great pleasure to announce your website has been selected as one of this month's winners of the BTDesign Awards. A sign of recognition for websites which make surfing a different experience!
Considering the high quality of both design and content, we upgraded your site with the BEST SITE awards (WTA), a recognition which puts your site among the best in the world. Sincerely, Barbara
11-20-03 Italy

Historic and Cultural Heritage Silver Award
Dear Nima Sadjadi,
We would like to thank you for submitting your web-site for review. Your site has been reviewed by our judges and Congratulations!
Our award are a gift to you for enriching the Internet community and with no other condition !
Good luck! Rodion Wildonoff
01-19-02 Russia

Malaspina college (Canada) five star Great Books award
Malaspina college five star Great Books award.
02-19-02 Canada

Panda's Pride ® Silver Award 2002  Serial #: S02-002
Program closed!

You have successfully impressed us and our esteemed panel of evaluators with your site at the level that few sites can do, so in honor of that we are awarding you with our Panda's Pride ® Silver Award. Know that you have, in our opinion, put together a site that would fit into the top 15% of all web sites worldwide. Display our award with pride! Everything You Need to Know About the Giant Panda © is proud to have you on our winners list; we are aware that you have worked hard to create your web site and to produce the standard of quality our criteria demands.
03-21-02 USA

Pantheon Award
Program closed!

Hi and Congratulations Nima!
I am very pleased to announce that your submission for The Pantheon Award Program has been approved. Your site was reviewed against the criteria and you have won the Silver Ulysses Award! You have a great wealth of knowledge on ancient Persia and your website reflects that. You were right on the border between the silver and gold award, so please re-apply after 90 days for an upgrade if you make any additions/changes! Congratulations and best wishes for the future. Nikki
06-06-02 USA

Wheel of Life Award
Program closed!

Dear Nima,
Hi! I have reviewed your website and am proud at this time to present you with my "Gold Award", I have enjoyed your website, it was nice and good contents,with ease of navigation, and very complete for its purpose.You have obviously worked hard on your site and I would like to thank you for a positive contribution to the web!
Best Wishes, Ertan
06-22-02 Turkey

Shadow's moonlight award
Program closed!
Dear Nima,
On your website "www.farvardyn.com" you present a lot about Persia, the history and geography, the religions and many more things. There are various informations about your country - just everything you need to know ... If somebody wants to be fully informed about it he will find it on your site. For creating this excellent ressources about Persia we would like to award you with our Moonlight-Award Top-Info in Silver and hope that you accept this little token of appreciation.
Wishing you much success and fun with your website for the future.
Best regards Sylvie P.
04-02-02 Germany

DandieStar ***TopInfo Award
Program closed!

Hello Nima,
the jury team of DandieOnline is glad to present you our World’s Top Award, the DandieStar ***TopInfo Award in honour of your really great job – congratulations!
Your site ‘Farvardyn - An illustrated reference portal about Ancient Persia’ has been created with much skill and reason and it presents a lot of content and a perfect layout and navigation. This all is embedded in a appealing design.
Once again congratulations – it was a great pleasure for us being allowed to visit and evaluate your ‘Farvardyn - An illustrated reference portal about Ancient Persia’ .
Best regards, Manfred Rosenbaum
on behalf of the DandieStar Awards Jury-Team
12-30-05 Germany

Korea Top Award

Dear Nima Sadjadi, Hello~~
Congratulations! Your site "Farvardyn© - An illustrated reference about Ancient Persia" has been accepted as a winner of "Korea Top Award ". We were impressed with your site as a great contribution to the internet. Your site has wonderful navigation and information about Persia. Our awards are not easy to win so keep up the great work. Congratulations! again and have a nice day.
02-02-04 Korea

Mystic Site award
Program closed!
Mystic Site of Web Award

Tim's Silver Spider Award

Dear Nima Sadjadi,
After an extensive evaluation we would like to congratulate you with your high standards of web page design. Well designed and we will gladly visit your site again. That's why we award your site with Tim's Silver Spider Award, and wish you continued success in all your endeavors! Thank you for your interest in our Awards Program.
Tim Beylemans
01-18-06 Belgium

Alcazaren Silver Award

Congratulations Nima Sadjadi,
Your website has won the Alcazaren Silver Award. What has been evaluated is the content, design and navigation of the Fravardyn page. It has been a pleasure to get in touch with your website and I am very happy to offer the mentioned award. The site slogan is precise, as when visiting it the illustrated reference about the ancient Persia is received, it is very well organized and the design is elegant and professional, it was a pleasure to visit your site.
Best regards from Madrid, Luis Vadillo
04-13-06 Spain


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