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NOTE! This Database only contains the books of 21st century, books which have been published or re-printed after the year 2000.

1) If you want to search a term in any languages, eg. Avesta, Avestique, Avestische etc., you should write just 'avest'. eg. iran to search Iranische, Iranian, Iranistik etc..

2) If you want to search by Author, you have to write only his/her surname without firstname.

3) You may search both by Author and Book name to limit the search result.

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5) Be careful about diacritics, You will not find anything by typing 'skjaervo' as author but you should write 'skjærvø'. So, we always recommend you to search by book.

6) Are you an author and your book is not in our bibliography? please contact us. Aren't you an author and you are aware of some books missing here? again contact us.